Head part is steady and small operation vibration.

 Optional head operation box which is more convenient operation.

 The drive design is 1/3 powerful and direct drive design.

 Short thread cutting (1.0cm), reducing manual trimming time.

 Perfect backstitch sewing stitches, without damaging materials and increasing the aesthetic.

 The gear and needle feeding will keep the steady and same stitches.

 For stitching sponge and thin leather materials, it will keep it smooth, flat and winkle-free.

 The manual backstitch function makes it more convenient to the operator.

 The design of the magnet ensures the tight of thread and perfect cutting.

 The design of the head part has parallel and slant choice without adding more slant support.

 The automatic power turns off function guarantees safe when repairing the machines.

 The head part also has operating speed adjusting function.